Original music, soundscapes, sound FX, guitar tracks on demand.. and beyond.

Alberto Rudoni is a modern guitar player, producer and sound designer from Italy. As a versatile musician, his background includes Rock and Heavy Metal music to include Action, Electronic Scores, Funny Melodies, and Metal Explosions. He graduated as an audio engineer from SAE Institute and as a modern guitarist at CPM Music Institute. Alberto is a valued guitar tutor and music technologies teacher, collaborating with artist and bands in Italy while writing music for media and games. He knows what it takes to produce a winning sound!

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Our services


We offer custom programs based on your experience and your desires, finding the best way for you to become a better musician.

Music & sfx

We deliver custom tracks and sound effects for every multimedia project. You can also choose from our store on Pond 5, if you like.

Guitar tracking

We record stunning guitar performance for your solo project, demo, musical composition or just to sing along.


Either if you need a live recording or a multitrack production, we have a solution for you. We are in touch with the best local facilities.


You bring the tracks. We do the mix.
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Do you need just a demo? Do you want a full length ready for the streaming websites? Alberto will make full arrangements of your songs and will find for you every musician you may need for your final recording sessions.

Sheet music

We offer transcription service for registering songs to international rights organization and save you a lot of time.


More than 15 years of gigs, projects, LPs and lessons at your service.


We always strive to achieve new sounds and emotions.


Grown with musicians and working everyday in an academy as area coordinator, Alberto knows how to proficiently work in a band... or in a team.


Not just audio engineer, nor a guitar player. The two worlds together for the best possible point of view.

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