Guitar coaching

Because music knowledge means nothing, without sharing.

Get better...and evolve.

"Since I have got my diploma in 2002, I started immediately teaching and sharing my experience on guitar. I truly love it. During the years my students kept growing in number and soon I realized that this would have been a large part of my life as a musician. My main goal is giving a method to get better and evolve, with passion and an always open fresh mind." 

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Musical areas :

Alberto coordinates exciting courses about guitar but also for musicians in general.
  • Modern guitar - electric and acoustic
  • HD Recording
  • Pop-rock ensemble
  • Metal Master - certified guitar course
  • Music theory

Our book choices :

Other custom materials are given in every area, feel free to ask for more info.

Modern guitar

  • Rock guitar secrets, Masters of rock guitar - Fischer
  • Masters of rhythmic guitar - J.Vogel
  • Speed mechanichs - T.Stetina
  • more than 40 guitar backing tracks of famous songs
  • Improvisation backing tracks from Musician’s institute
  • LCM books London College of music

Metal Master:

  • Heavy metal lead guitar - T.Stetina
  • Tecnica razionale 1 e 2, Arpeggiology - M.Varini
  • Creative guitar 2 - G.Govan
  • Extreme lead guitar - J.Loomis
  • Essential funk - R.Bolton
  • Funk fission - C.Buono
  • Mode for guitar - T.Kolb
  • More than 200 custom tabs of extreme music since '70s
Music academy in Novara
"My collaboration with this big academy in Novara begun in 2009 and did not stop through the years. If you are in the local area, I'm pretty sure you will find Dedalo music academy a perfect home for music and passion." 
Alberto R.

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