Alberto Rudoni was born in Novara in 1980 and he started playing guitar at the age of 13 after a few years of piano lessons; 4 years later he joined his first band "Illusoria" and did the first gigs and demos.
When he was 18 years old began studying at C.P.M. in Milan with Donato Begotti completing the studies 3 years later, obtaining 10/10 in the final examination.
In 2002 he joined "Transylvania" - Iron Maiden tribute and "Etherea", a pop/rock band, building experience on the stage.
After this "cover era" Alberto started thinking about composing brand new music and began playing with the italian metal-core band "Arcadia".
In 2005 recorded the full length “Fracture Concrete” and started doing gigs all over the country.
In the meantime he recorded also the first Illusoria EP “More than we are” and promoted it live.
Across 2006 Alberto lived in Hollywood for 9 months with "Arcadia" promoting the band across the ocean and playing gigs in the whole state of California. ("Whisky a gogo", "Roxy theatre", "Troubadour" just to name a few).
After that he decided to get into the "SAE institute" in Milan to improve his skills obtaining the Audio Engineering Diploma.
It was then the right moment to start AR music&sound and begun collaborating with local artists and producers.
A few years after Alberto founded with S.Locatelli the Sunset project, publishing the LP "Viaggio libero", an EP and two singles with Raw Line records. Everything was recorded and mixed by Alberto.
Actually Alberto is a guitar tutor at "Scuola di musica Dedalo" in Novara and a freelance composer.


More than 15 years of gigs, projects, LPs and lessons at your service.


We always strive to achieve new sounds and emotions.


Alberto knows how to proficiently work in a band...or in a team.


Not just audio engineer, not only a guitarist. The two worlds together for the best synthesis possible.

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