Acoustic solutions

for project studios and rehersal rooms

Hear better...create more

When mixing, rehersing or simply listening to music, you need to hear properly. It's not just a matter of which room you have at your disposal or pro-quality gear you afford to work on. 
We always want to take care of reflections.
This doesn't mean we don't want them.

Introducing EZ acoustic elements

These are our acoustic solutions for unwanted reflections in project studios, rehersal rooms or conference spaces, even restaurants could need acoustic absorbtion.
The EZ line is constantly updating and expanding, stay tuned for more to come.

Ez1 model

"Basic" acoustic panel, efficient and affordable
resilient wood frame
acoustic insulating certified stone wool panel 120x60x5
high quality fabric
light weight and very easy to hang on walls

Ez2 model

"Premium" acoustic panel, for great performance with an astonishing look
fir wood 45° frame with mdf back support
acoustic insulating certified stone wool panel 120x60x5
premium quality fabric
easy to hang both on walls and ceilings

Our Approach

Every panel is hand made and all materials are carefully selected from our providers, to guarantee the best product we can offer.

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